Boys Recreational


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  • Ages 6 -18 year
  • Basic to advanced gymnastics skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Choreography
  • Use of all Olympic Events AND Trampoline
  • Character Development
  • FUN!

Discover Gymnastics offers a challenging gymnastics program based on instruction of proper technique and training methods. We provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the boys to learn and participate in a sporting activity.

The Boys Recreational Class Program is first divided into age groups. Students within the designated age groups tend to have similar interests, and aptitudes for learning. Then, within the age group the boys are divided by ability. Discover Gymnastics follows the progression guidelines established by USAG, the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States. The skills that are mastered by the student determines the level into which the student falls. Level 1 is the beginning level. This continues through level 10. The final step (Olympic Level) is called the Elite Level.

The Benefits For Boys Participating in the Sport of Gymnastics

  • Regardless of your son’s preferred sport, gymnastics will make him better at just about any other sport.
  • Gymnastics enhances strength, flexibility, and endurance (the elements of physical fitness).
  • Gymnastics develops agility, ability, balance, coordination, posture, and rhythm.
  • Gymnastics develops a strong sense of self-esteem, self-respect, courage, expressiveness, and self-confidence.
  • Gymnastics is a “non-elimination” activity. Everyone participates. Everyone succeeds.
  • Boys small in stature are particularly adept at gymnastics. This is great for their self-esteem when their classmates are exceeding them in height.

Classes Offered

Level 1 Boys 6+

This class is for beginning boys age 6-8, but beginners of all ages are welcome. Classes are 60 minutes in duration.

Level 2 Boys

This class is designed for Boys age 6 and over. It will challenge those who have already developed solid gymnastics fundamentals. The duration of the class is 60 minutes.

Boys 9+ All Levels

This class is designated for boys of all levels who are 9 years old and older. Class duration is 60 minutes.

(Looking for higher Levels? We also offer Competitive Teams.)


Level 1/2 Boys

EnrollBeginner/Intermediate level boys gymnastics class.Wed3:55 pm–4:55 pm 8Spring 2018
EnrollBeginner/Intermediate level boys gymnastics class.Mon3:55 pm–4:55 pm6 – 84Spring 2018
EnrollIntermediate level boys gymnastics class.Sat9 am–10 am9 – 172Spring 2018

Advanced Boys

Advanced 4/5’s Boys

 Invitational gymnastics class for 4/5 yr old boys.Thu3:55 pm–4:55 pm4 – 55Spring 2018
 Invitational gymnastics class for boys ages 4 and 5 yrs old.Sat10 am–11 am4 – 58Spring 2018

D-Boyz (5–7yrs)

There are currently no scheduled classes for this class type.