Xcel Competitive Team

Xcel Competitive Team

The XCEL Program is a wonderful alternative to the Junior Olympic competitive program! It offers the ability to compete in a program that learns the same skills you find in the Junior Olympic program, but without a huge financial or time commitment. Our athletes generally practice anywhere from 4-6 hours per week. The XCEL Program here at Discover Gymnastics is currently in it’s fourth year and we offer levels Bronze-Platinum. We are very proud of all the hard work these girls put in to make sure their skills are routines are perfected!

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Luba Mihaylova

Title: Xcel Headcoach

Certifications: USAG, First Aid/CPR

Luba joined Discover in 2001 and now has 50 years of coaching experience.

Luba Mihaylova is a native Bulgarian; the mother of two daughters, and the grandmother of two grandsons – Ivan Alexander and Preslav.

She was a gymnast for 11 years and was a member of the Bulgarian National Team where she earned the title Master of the Sport. She graduated from the National Sport Academy in Bulgaria with a Masters Degree – P.E. Teacher and Gymnastics Coach.

In Bulgaria, Luba worked for many years coaching gymnastics, including 8 years as the Head Coach Manager to seven different sports. She has coached for both the Bulgarian and Mexican National Teams before moving to Houston in 1995 where she’s coached a variety of gyms until coming to Discover Gymnastics in 2001.

She believes that the new Xcel program is an excellent way for kids to advance in competitive gymnastics while spending less time training than is required on traditional competitive team tracks. Luba and the other Xcel Program coaches are working hard to make the kid’s dreams a reality.

What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics? The atmosphere, people and organization!

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Nina Pentcheva

Title: Xcel Team Coach

Certifications: USAG, CPR/First Aid

Nina joined Discover Gymnastics in 2017 bringing years of coaching knowledge. Originally from Bulgaria, Nina graduated from the College of Sports as well as from the National Sports Academy of Bulgaria with her Bachelor Degree of Sports focusing on Gymnastics, Trampoline, Acrobatics Coaching and Physical Education Coaching.

Nina began her personal gymnastics career at the young age of six. Nina continued competing in gymnastics for the next thirteen years where she participated in many National and International Competitions and gained recognition for her many podium finishes.

After graduating with her Bachelor degree, Nina began her coaching career in Bulgaria. After seven years of coaching in Bulgaria, Nina relocated with her family to Texas where she continued her coaching career.

With over twenty-five years of gymnastics experience, Nina currently coaches our Xcel Girls Team at Discover Gymnastics. Nina has experience working with all ages and has a wealth of knowledge in gymnastics skills, movement analysis, weight training and fitness training.

In her free time, Nina enjoys spending time with her family.

What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics: Big facility, lots of kids with good coaches.

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Ricky D

Ricky Danby

Title: Gym Coordinator; Preschool and Rec Instructor; Xcel team Coach

Certifications: CPR/First Aid; USAG

Ricky joined Discover Gymnastics in 2016, when he relocated from Louisiana to the Houston Area.

Ricky competed in gymnastics for 4 years during his youth. After several years of gymnastics training, Ricky transitioned to playing football in Jr High and competed in rock climbing throughout High School

Ricky has coached many disciplines of gymnastics and brings over 10 years of coaching experience to Discover Gymnastics. As a natural coach, Ricky has coached both men’s and women’s competitive gymnastics as well as preschool and rec classes. He has also trained cheerleaders for collegiate Cheer. Currently, Ricky coaches our Rec classes and is a Xcel Team Coach at Discover Gymnastics.

Professionally, Ricky has also held many administrative positions in gymnastics, illustrated for a sports blog, managed a distribution center and has appeared on webcasts dedicated to Fantasy Football to provide commentary and insights.

In his spare time, Ricky enjoys golf, Fantasy Football, NFL, cornhole and running. Ricky has completed many 10k’s, half-marathons and will be completing his first full marathon in January 2018!

What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics? The opportunity to work with various disciplines. At Discover Gymnastics he is involved in molding preschool, recreational, pre-team, and competitive athletes, and loves that oppurtunity!

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