Class Info:

This delightful class is designed for children 6 months through 18 months of age and does require parental participation. The class is set up with a 10:1 student-teacher ratio. Parents will work one on one with their child throughout the entire lesson. This 30-minute class promotes a healthy and positive activity time for you and your child.


Children between 6 months and 18 months of age span tremendous ranges of ability. Baby stars is broken up into those who are not yet walking and those who are. Expectations of each age vary. Each should be verbally praised for any degree of participation in the activity.

Shyness and timidity are lessened with familiarity and routine. This applies to participation, as well as the child’s trust in the instructor and cooperation with parent and classmates. We are particularly sensitive at working at your child’s individual pace and comfort level.
Parents must remain with their children on the floor.

  • Gross Motor Coordination
  • Fine Motor Coordination
  • Listening Skills
  • Social Skills

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