This delightful class is designed for children 18 months through 3 years of age and does require parental participation. The class is set up with a 10:1 student teacher ratio. Parents will work one on one with their child throughout the entire lesson. This 45 minute class promotes a healthy and positive activity time for you and your child.

Fall Schedule

Spring Schedule

The Class Format:

The class begins with a group warm-up activity to catch the children’s attention, such as parachute games, singing and clapping, and stretching. After the warm-up the class will move on to various stations involved different apparatus. Several stations will be set up at each apparatus to keep activity going (no long lines which tend to bore the child).

The instructor will briefly demonstrate each station so each parent may work with their child individually and circulate to the stations to assist the parent with these activities. Instructors will position themselves at stations requiring more complex spotting techniques. Each student will have a turn to perform the spotted skill and parents will be instructed on the spotting technique and safety considerations.

We want the children to attempt new skills at their own pace and never feel forced to do something that scares them. We have found that little by little, every child eventually participates fully. Each child may decide which activity in the gym is of most interest to her/himself. The class is concluded with a brief group activity.


Children between 18 months and 3 years of age span tremendous ranges of ability. Expectations of an 18 month old child and a 3 year old are very different. Each should be verbally praised for any degree of participation in the activity.

Shyness and timidity are lessened with familiarity. This applies to participation, as well as the child’s trust in the instructor and cooperation with classmates. We are particularly sensitive at working at your child’s individual pace and comfort level.
Parents must remain with their children on the floor.