Covid-19 Update 

December 31, 2020


Dear Discover Families, 

I want to start off with requests from YOU to help us keep Discover operational while we wait for vaccines to help reduce the spread of the virus. 


  1.  HONOR CODE – our honor code requires that EVERY individual in our program takes the utmost care in helping us keep Covid19 out of the gym, so your children can continue to participate in this activity.  PLEASE continue to take the utmost precautions.   We are relying on each other. 
  1. If, over the holidays, your family remained with household members only or participated in fully prepared social bubbles where all people in the bubble self-quarantined and tested in advance and also remained distanced and masked for the entire duration of the gathering, then your child can return to Discover for their normally scheduled class beginning on Saturday January 2nd when we re-open.   
  1. If, your family participated in a social gathering where not all people prepared to be in a social bubble and/or not all people remained distanced and masked for the entire gathering, then please wait 5-7 days before testing, and upon negative test results you would be considered safe to return.  Again, day 6 after a Christmas Day gathering would be 12/31, and Day 6 for a New Year’s Eve gathering would be 1/6. Please respect the safety of all families and coaches and confirm a negative test on or after Day 6 before returning to the gym. 
  1. If you have traveled over the holidays, please wait 5-7 days after your return, and remain symptom free before returning to the gym.  
  1. School notices…. If your child’s school alerts you of possible exposure, DO NOT send your child to the gym.  Please wait a minimum of 5-7 days to see if symptoms develop.   
  1. All participants must use the drop off/pick up (unless your child is in the preschool or Discovery programs).  We are wanting to reduce the head count in the facility temporarily during the expected post-holiday surge in cases. 
  1. For preschoolers, we are limiting spectators to one family member, and only if the child cannot come into the gym comfortably on their own. 
  1. All children (except preschoolers) will be required to come in to the gym with a face mask and have it with them for use when not active on the apparatus (during rotations, hand washing breaks, while in line for pick up, etc.). 


We will have a very liberal make-up policy to accommodate any missed classes. 


We ask that each family does its part so our children, athletes and staff remain healthy and are in position to enjoy gymnastics and progress well. We have the added challenge of high infection rates currently, and we will need to be vigilant to help the gym remain open.  


Please continue to make choices that minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure, avoiding contact with people outside of their household except for in well controlled environments such as schools, etc. where all people wear properly fitted masks and remain distanced.  And, we request that families refrain from bringing children to the gym who have been in situations that increase their risk of exposure to COVID-19. This includes gatherings with people outside of their household, whether indoors or outdoors, if one or more person in the group did not fully prepare to be in a social bubble through self-quarantine and pre-testing and also remain distanced and in a properly fitting mask for the entire duration of the gathering.  


Here is a tracking website for your reference, and a chart of the current status of covid spread in the Houston area.  Houston is reporting nearly 5000 new cases every day now.  Very scary. 



Summary of the past 2 weeks during closure as of 3pm 12/31/2020: 


  • A total of 18 cases have been reported.   
  • 4 cases were of non-enrolled family member, likely contracted outside of the gym 
  • 2 of those 18 tested positive with a rapid test and immediately tested negative with a PCR test, the child remained asymptomatic, and there was no household spread.  
  • 2 cases are known to have not been contracted at the gym 
  • 4 of the 10 remaining cases have fully recovered and provided negative test results 
  • 6 of the 10 are recovering and/or waiting on a negative test result. 


  • From the variety of completely disconnected cohorts, it appears that the virus has entered the gym from multiple undetermined sources.  There are 2 instances where a few of the cases may be or are likely to be connected within the cohort, but each of these cohorts have zero crossover of both students and coaches.  However, had we remained open it is likely there would have been spread throughout each cohort and crossing over to other cohorts would have been likely. 
  • Every case had to have begun as asymptomatic because we have consistently done temperature checks and no one has been here with a cough or runny nose, or any other symptoms that would have alerted us. 


Internal Changes: 

  • We will be asking each driver at the drop off zone to confirm that they haven’t travelled or taken high risk activities over the holiday.  And, if anyone at home is feeling poorly. 
  • Coaches, when possible, will wear a face shield in addition to a mask. 
  • We have asked the exact same qualifications for staff members regarding travel, events, etc. as we have asked of members. 


Well folks, the virus is raging right now and all I can do is hope and pray that this 2 week closure has kept the virus at bay.  And, with all of your help and full participation in our HONOR CODE, we can continue as we had from summer through early December.  Please stay vigilant, stay healthy, and limit your interactions.    I will continue to send regular updates. 

Happy New Year seems an odd statement right now, but I do wish a very happy new year to all of you! 


Carly Markesich